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The Mysterious Force

~Richard Thomas

The Mysterious Force is behind all synchronicity, it is the great conductor of the orchestra we call life, it is the unifying force behind event manifestation in your individual and our collective reality.

It is the director behind all the characters on the worlds stage

The mysterious force reveals itself the more you become aware of it's presence in your life, it was always there operating behind the scenes.

It is the witness  of  our individual intentions combined with divine will  it manifests our experience in ways the finite mind cannot fathom for it is the infinite mind.

There are no mistakes in the universe, there are no accidents for behind everything is a reason. If you accidentally delete a document you needed to rewrite it.

It is BAPI

Benevolent All Pervasive Intelligence it is The Source

Quiet your mind, stop your conditioned thought, and let it stream through you. Tap into it and connect to the source.

It travels via photons like the ones emitted from your screen and permeates your reality shifting to new levels of experience.

Check out the:

Wave Amplitude Probability Modulation Device

Hold in mind your intention and the universe delivers.

It is losing something then another thing and in looking for the second you find the first.

It is the chance encounter in which one meets a new friend or lover.

It is the phone call or broken jar of jam that delays you so that you avoid an accident.

It is the accident that leads you to new growth or discovery

It is the people and events that stop you and redirect when you choose a path that does not lead one to the realization your greatest dreams.

It is the event that puts you in the right place and the right time to help your self living another point of view.

It is the event that brings your Self in another to be their to provide aid in your time of need.

It is the angel in human form that appears from nowhere and returns to nowhere in the dark of night at a time of need.

How it is that we are all one, and that extraterrestrials can travel light years across the vastness of the infinite universe will be explained by intangics.


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