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~An infinite player that has lost his finite mind
Written by
~Richard Thomas ġ

What are infinite players?

The Object of the Game (this production)

The Object of Our Intention (internal to the movie)

Get your play guide, hand book, and key.

I AM the infinite player beyond all boundaries

Detail information about infinite play and the infinite and finite compared.

Apprentice and Master Initiation and Degree

Secret Recognition Methods of Infinite Players

What are infinite players?

  • There are infinite players and finite players in the universe, the great eternal field.

  • Finite players play within finite boundaries and play to win, and play finite games that end. They are often not happy.

  • Infinite players play outside of and create boundaries they play for the fun of playing. They play to no end. They are usually happy until the finite players get out of hand. read the detail grid which outlines the difference.

The Object of this Game (this production external to the movie)

Entertainment Adventure and Fun for The Human Family

The object of our intention (internal to the plot of the movie)

The object of our intention was not to be good and go to Heaven, this is man’s invention. It is to bring it here to us, and give it birth, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. An after death destination is a fabrication of man and his finite mind, and not of the divine and infinite kind. 

As for Heaven there is no such place, or point in time and space, but rather a state of mind found by grace, for one does not travel and is where one has always been. 

There is no final destination called Heaven; but here and there we come upon a temporary station. Destinations are created for the purpose of journey and of these there is no end. 

For what one thought was you will perish, and only the essence, the parcel of love embraced, can pass through the gate. For you are not your body, belief, or the sum of your experience you are witness behind all points of view.

But all that existed have before, again and again, and all that I have known I will forever and again.

For there is One Creature, The Ancient Witness, The One as The Many an expression divine, and it existed before it was and after it was not, outside of time.

I speak to one as I, for it is one’s self that has always written and always read.

I AM the infinite player beyond all boundaries; (Character Type) I play for the fun of play. It is the finite mind that plays to win, within the boundaries I create; for it knows not the truth that there really is no “else” with whom to compete.

It is true the infinite player engages in the finite game but they never forget the winner and loser are the same. 

Beliefs are of the world and make what is so, and it is these we change with effort so that Heaven will grow. We come empty into the sphere of the thought of this place called earth, we change and mold it, and pass it on to those newly born, and then we leave empty as we came, but left behind us are the beliefs with our transform applied only to return to what we left behind.    

What should bother One is the premise of some that what is to be attained came after the death of body. Such that you would accept less and live life as an indentured slave waiting for that great reward. That and the insane notion of some that they should help to fulfill their idea of some prophecy (no future is cast in stone) and foment death and destruction to bring about rapture. Especially when death of the  Ego and the dissolution of ignorance is a much more feasible and reasonable means by which to create heaven on earth. But let us not forget the Ego serves a divine purpose as does everything else, for how else could God become man? So often it is best to master it and negotiate with it to allow wisdom in return for a good experience.

Well at least it's a thought...

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