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Film and Documentary Series from the Original Source

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(R) evolution

The Movie that Transformed the World in
The Fall of the Ego Empire

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Look for the "outer," "inner,' and "secret" meaning

Life is an illusion, but the experience is real.
~Richard Thomas Infinite Player

“Consciousness is the stone that creates the waves in a sea of nothing”
-Richard Gerber from Intangics

This is the original content developed and published in Oct 2004 as part of the Great Dissemination in the Infinite Play which then ramped up in 2005 with Planet Wide Streaming. New content representing the next phase and the feature presentation will appear here soon. We will note new sections as such.

Watch this The Infinite Play List (live real time feed) are you in it?

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Infinite Play is an interactive real time,  movie, film, documentary, series, and collection of companion web sites and blogs that seeks to set new precedents, a new genre and manifestation of creative genius. It is a participatory adventure. The movie  integrates with other creative projects already completed, just being launched and in the works. It is a massive collaboration yet no single entity knows all the individual parts which seem to have been orchestrated by a mysterious and benevolent force. We are sure you will be fascinated by the underlying connections that no finite mind could orchestrate. We suspect there is a Mysterious Force at Work and there is evidence of it's essence in the production. Study the Master's Index. If  infinite minded then get key else watch!

It will literally Blow Your Mind - your ego mind

They have become like us said the Gods with the Power to Create and Destroy Illusion, seeing the reality behind the appearances of things click for more ~From the movie Infinite Play

The movie focuses on a small blue green gem of a planet that is inhabited by billions of people that live in indentured servitude (well almost) that benefits a few to the detriment of the many. The people of the world live under a hypnotic spell cast long ago, born of Ego and engaging in finite games where there are winners and losers, those that have and those that do not. A certain group of finite players have amassed enormous power  and created an imbalance on the planet and the playing field has become corrupted and many players are having a bad experience. This sets the stage for the emergence of the infinite players, born of spirit who destroy the Illusions (well most of them), eliminate the ignorance, ending poverty, disease, hunger and conflict.

"The world has been deceived, what portrayed itself as the light was really the darkness, what was claimed to be the darkness was really the light, those that claimed to be of God were really the Anti Christ." click for more ~From the movie Infinite Play

But behind the scenes of this movie and real life drama is a whole other level of play and layer of reality,  the extraterrestrials and the divine comedy which is also explored in the documentary

This film is about the film itself and those watching it.


What ever happens in the movie plays out in reality. 

What happens in Reality finds it’s way into the movie.

You are in it. And you're  "it" too.

Review the Master's Index which contains the Links to The Secrets and get a glimpse of The Future and what has come. It is based on ancient, current, and future events and uses the entire planet as the set. It features all the actors on the worlds stage. It has both real and manufactured events, it has scripted and improvisational dialog. It is a dynamic and a living story and you are in it. It is a mixture of fiction, non-fiction, truth and fabrication.  It is at times fun and serious, dramatic and comical, educational and informative. We expect it to result in an enormous expansion of awareness which will alter the history of mankind. It is a film about infinite play and we are about to change the rules and expand the boundaries of the playing field.

This is your first lesson in the control of perception, the use of focus and where you put your attention.  Click here to begin now.  As every Infinite Player comes to know the observer and the observed are one in the same. Then come back and continue reading.

This is an independent production using the Internet  as it's primary means of promotion and distribution. It was recommended that it be initially funded by the audience and not be dependant on and therefore influenced or controlled by any special interests. We do expect to use conventional pathways as a secondary venue as only the more open and intelligent will find us at first. We hope you will enjoy and help us  promote it because we truly believe that it will transform the world for the better and allow us to wake from what for many could be construed as a bad dream.

Part of the story involves the distribution of 144,000 keys to the infinite minded. You can get one here from Intelegen Inc. and get an active role in the movie as one of the key holders. There are other options for participation.

This is the Official Key Count Page Key holders may also get to appear in the movie details forthcoming, Become One.

There are also Easter Eggs Hunts and the Brass Monkey Phenomena  is addressed as is the finding of the holy Grail, it wasn't what some thought it was, well not exactly it can now be found by anyone of the right mind for it being intangible has been transferred to the Internet from the tangible objects which carried it.

The Brass Monkey discovery  started here, this outlines the mystery and the search

When the 144,000 keys are finally distributed it sets something very big in motion. Don't let fear hold you back that is what keeps us apart.

Become the Fool, fearless without ego, whose number is zero, the nothing, the home of infinity.

We are looking for talent on all levels and project financing. We will be having auditions for some of the parts. Some roles will be played by the actual person themselves. We will be outlining the steps to get involved in the days to come. A couple philanthropists looking to be very responsible for transforming the world would also be great.

If you have some amazing content that might be a fit for this project or would have some pertinent activity or related projects,  please let us know.

yes you

May we all be inspired by divine intention and remember don't follow the leader Be One.

Read the Movie Blog to stay current check the Master's Index often

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